Capacitance Based Level Sensor

Ultrasonic level or distance sensors can be designed as Continuous level or distance measurement sensors and are typically used to measure the time taken for an acoustic wave to propagate through a fluid. From knowledge of the speed of sound in the fluid, the distance can be calculated.
Ultrasonic level/distance sensors inherently offer a number of reliability advantages over other types of sensors. These include operational tolerance to sediment, foam and fluid opacity, making them ideal in applications where sensing levels (or height) of fuel, chemicals, additives or reactants is required.


  • Sealed for outstanding reliability in harsh or demanding applications
  • Manufactured using robust materials
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Suitable for full immersion in liquids
Operating voltage 5 – 36V / 50mA
Measurement range 5cm – 2m
Output interface RS232 interface, Baud rate 19,200
Level accuracy 3mm
Output signal 0,5 V (empty) – 2,5 V(full)
Turn on delay 2 – 3 s (first measurement)
Temperature range 40°C to 85°C
Dimensions the height above the tank surface amounts 25mm
Diameter 69mm