Pressure Based Level Sensor

  • Capacitance liquid level sensor/capacitance sensor/capacitive transducer/ Fuel level sensor
  • This liquid level sensor is used for oil level precise measurement; can be applied to BTS site fuel tanks, oil depot, iron and steel industry, oil field, chemical industry, cement, thermal power equipment, light industry and waste water treatment, stable structure, impact resistance, easy installation, high reliability, high precision, good performance, also applies to all kinds of Non conductivity liquid measurement and monitoring
  • Easy installation, user only need drilling one hole on the measure objects
  • Stable structure, the product without any dynamic elastic components
  • Measuring range can be customized, user can set range according to their requirements via calibration function
  • This product can be cut into different lengths according to the size of the container, choose your suitability range
  • Minimum range: 1mm
Measure range 1mm to 3,000mm (customized)
Length 10mm to 3,000mm
Power supply 15 to 28V DC
Output voltage 0 to 5V DC or 0 to 10V DC, (3-wire)
Output current 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA, (3-wire)
Linearity <±0.25% F.S
Storage temperature -40 to 100°C
Operating temperature -40 to 85°C
Installation flange or thread
Outlet wired, wireless (optional)
  • Analogue