Three Phase Four Wire Multi-tariff CT- operated Smart Energy Meter

INX451 Three Phase Four Wire Multi-tariff GPRS Energy Meter is one type compact Three Phase smart meter, which provides a cost effective solution for commercial and industrial applications. It is used to measure active forward and reverse energy, reactive energy in four quadrants with TOU along with active and reactive M.D. It can also measure and monitor power parameters such as Active power, Reactive power, Voltage, Current, Power Factor and Frequency in real time. The meter has additional features such as Remote GPRS / GSM Communication, TOU, Load Profile, Data Storage, Event Log, Tamper Resistance, Infra-red Communication etc. The meter is designed and manufactured with modern metering technology, using advanced ultra-low power consumption LSI technology and SMT manufacturing process.

Technical Specifications:

  • Accuracy Class Active Class 0.5s
  • Reactive Class 1.0
  • Frequency    50Hz
  • Starting Current:    Active≤0.0025Ib(Class 1.0, Direct Connection)
  • Reactive≤0.004Ib(Class 2.0,Direct Connection)
  • Creeping     Resistance creeping logical design
  • Basic Error: Actual Error is controlled within 50% of standard error)
  • Basic error of active Class 0.5s, Reactive Class 1.0
Model Connection Un In imp/kWh imp/kvarh
INX451 3P4W 3×230/400V 3×5(10)A 3200/kWh  3200imp/kvarh
Current P.F Error Limited
CT Operated Connection Active CL.1.0  Reactive CL.2.0
0.02In≤I<0.05In  1 0.02In≤I<0.05In ±2.5
0.05In≤I≤Imax 1 ±1.0 ±2.0
0.05In≤I<0.1In 0.5
0.1In≤I≤Imax 0.5
Normal Working Voltage 0.8Un~1.2Un
Limited Working Voltage 0.0Un~1.3Un
Voltage Circuit Power Consumption ≤ 1.5W & 6VA; 3W & 12VA (When GPRS Module Working)
Current Circuit Power Consumption <0.4VA
Data Backup Battery Voltage 3.6VDC,≥1.2Ah
Tariff 1~4 Optional
Time Period 1~14 Optional
Day Tables 8
Measuring Range 0~999999.99 kWh , 0~999999.99 kvarh
Display LCD + Indicator
Communication Baud Rate Optical Port:2400bps;RS485:2400bps;Communication Module: Frequency Adjustable
Communication Protocol 《IEC62056-21 Local Read & Control Communication Protocol》
《IEC62056-61 COSEM Object Model》
《IEC62056-53,46 DLMS Communication Protocol 》