Wireless Water leakage detector

Monitoring for water leaks is essential to data centers, hospital records rooms, art galleries and other rooms or spaces storing expensive valuables, irreplaceable property or equipment considered mission critical to an operation. Wireless Water Leakage Sensor is a very useful unit, it can work standalone as well as work with the alarm panel. Low power consumption and high sensitive, easy to install, usually it will be installed under the water valve or water pipe to monitor the water leakage. It can use independently or as a front-end detector of an alarm system. Water leakage detector sends an alert that a leak has been detected so that the problem can be addressed as quickly as possible. Water detector alarms are used in a wide range of applications, from computer rooms to mechanical rooms…anywhere undetected leakage can occur.


  • Prevent lost revenue.
  • Lower water system operational cost.
  • Prevent contamination.
  • Lost time managing insurance claims.
  • Extend life of facility.
  • Prevent property damage.
  • Prevent water system liability and increased insurance premiums.
  • Prevent or reduce outage events.
  • Improved public relations
Wireless Transmission Range 100meters on open area,20~50meters indoor
Working Current (mA) 10-20 mA
Static Current (uA) 4-6 uA
Operating temperature -10degree – +50degree
Relative humidity <95%
Internal buzzer sound 60~85dB
Working Voltage 9-12VDC
Wireless Frequency 433.92 MHZ
Wireless Transmission Range 100meters on open area,20~50meters indoor