Ultrasonic Sensor for Water Level Detection

Ultrasonic level sensor technology is the technology of choice for outdoor water applications. The sensors are suspended safely above the maximum water level achievable hence they avoid damage or obstruction by the flow of water and the debris therein. The technology does not involve any moving parts which maps to long-life and low overall project costs. Level sensors of this type can measure water level in shallow creeks and all the way to high dams. The same sensor can accommodate different levels by means of software configuration. The sensors emit an ultrasonic acoustic beam to the water surface that is reflected back and detected by the emitting transducer. It works on an echo effect by measuring the time delay of the sound reflection deduce level height.

Key features:

  • Industrial grade outdoor ultrasonic sensors
  • IP-65 solid casing and weather proof
  • Level sensors are non-contact, stationary with no-moving parts
  • For turbulent, non-accessible waters
  • Simple to install, operate and maintain
  • Alerts for high levels, low levels, rapid level increase/decrease.
  • Compact remote level monitoring solution
  • Communicates using GSM cellular network, SMS and/or GPRS
  • Can operate on battery packs and/or solar panels
Ranges 0.33 to 3 ft; 0.33 to 12 ft; and 1 to 48 ft
Resolution 0.009 in, 0.035 in, and 0.141 in
Repeatability Greater of ±0.03 inches (0.76 mm) or 0.1% of range @ constant temperature
Accuracy Better than 0.5% of range @ constant temperature; affected by temperature gradients, target echo strength, and speed of sound in vapors
Transducer Type Ruggedized piezoelectric
Beam Angle 12° conical shaped pattern
Power 3 and 12 ft rng: 10 to 30 VDC @70 mA max
48 ft range: 10 to 30 VDC @40 mA max
Output 4-20 mA (4 mA is minimum water level and 20 mA is maximum water level)
Update Rate 50 ms
Warm Up Time 15 seconds
Operating Temperature Range -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)
Humidity 0-100% (avoid heavy condensation)
Housing Material 303 stainless steel
Mounting 3 and 12 ft rng: 30×1.5 mm threaded housing
48 ft range: 2.5 inch Male NPT threads
Dimensions 3 and 12 ft rng: 4.062 in. long x 1.05 in. dia. (103.2 L x 26.7 Dia mm)
Weight 3 and 12 ft rng: 12.7 oz (0.36 g) 48 ft range: 25.9 oz (0.73 kg)
IP rating IP 65