Shock Sensor

Ideal for measuring shock and vibration, this easy to mount solid plastic construction shock sensor is ideal for a wide range of applications and experiments. This unit has high sensitivity, is very stable and is suitable for long life in the most rugged of environments. The unit has 2 mounting holes for easy fixing and can be mounted on mobile devices to measure vibration.

The unit is ideal for use with alarm systems as a tilt or anti-theft device. Can also detect tampering or vehicle motion. The unit can be driven with an AC waveform and the output is linearly proportional to the acceleration of the impact.

It provides early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property.

Output Voltage 40mVp/G typ.(25C,20MW Load,10Hz-1KHz)
Capacitance 12000pF±30%(25C,1KHz
Insulation Resistance 100MW Min.
Housing Material PC
Operating Tem. Range -20C~+70C
Storage Tem. Range -30C~+80C
Weight(With wires) 24.6g
Dimensions 24mm Diameter, Height 4.5mm