Environmental Monitoring Module

  • Small, ruggedized enclosure with wall mount brackets (DIN rail optional)
  • Hi speed data communication using CAN2.0 interface for M2M communication
  • 11 channels ADC having sampling speeds up to 10ksps
  • Small form factor with waterproof NEMA enclosure option
  • Accessible without a public IP
  • Monitors and assess the state of room with smoke, door and Water on floor sensing capabilities.
  • On board temperature and humidity sensors
  • Optional Digital/ Analog I/O ports
  • Optional data logging capabilities
  • 4 Digital I/O , 2RS232 ports, TCP access (RS422, RS485 option)
  • Configurable for standalone Environmental Monitoring System with GSM/GPRS/Ethernet/CDMA connectivity
  • Smoke detector compliant with EN54 standard.
  • Door sensor compliant with UL634, CAN/ULC-C 634
  • Online and offline data storage option
  • Enhanced security for public internet connections using VPN, SSH, AAA
  • Programmable alert notifications and alarms
Parameter Type Operating conditions Min Typical Max Unit
Operating Voltage 12.5 13.5 17 Volts
Power consumed 1.5 1.5 1.9 Watts
ATS State Grid Power 170 220 400 VAC
Generator 170 220 400 VAC
M2M communication UART 9600 Bps
  • EN55024: 1998+A1:2001+A2:2003
  • IEC61000-4.2:1995 ESD 8kV Air Discharge (Direct), 4kV Contact Discharge (Direct/Indirect)
  • IEC61000-4.3:1995 Radiated Immunity 3.0 V/m, 1kHz, AM Sine Wave at 80%
  • IEC61000-4.5: 1995 Surge Immunity 1.0kV Common Mode, 1.0KV Differential Mode
  • IEC61000-4.6: 1996 Conducted Immunity 3.0Vrms, 80% AM modulated (1kHz)
  • IEC61000-4.11: 1994 Voltage Dips and Interrupts (>95%, 0.5periods), (30%, 25 periods), (>95%, 250 periods)
  • ROHS
  • CE (2011/65/EU)
  • Optional Chassis ground for signal integrity (Applicable for Metal casing models only)
  • 4kV ESD protection between Analog front end and Processor Core
  • Complete Isolation between Analog front end and processor core preserving signal integrity and reducing noise